December Jersey Contest Game 4 Results

Here are the results from Game 4.  Homers rule!

Interesting Notes:

--We had two contestants come as close as anyone ever has to winning an instant jersey with a perfect score.  Switchie got a 96/100 and UseSoap came through with 95/100.

--New player OBF wanted a rules recap so I put them after the scores.  Just click through to see.

--I want to give public thanks to the man who saved the Jersey Contest.  He goes by Juddhoo, and is a former jersey winner himself.  He took pity on how long it took me to process entries by hand and came up with a spreadsheet format that cut my work time in half.  Without him I don't know if I would have made it through the season.  So all of you who enjoy the contest make sure to give props to Juddhoo as well.

Game 4 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers 105  Warriors 95
Question 1:  Who is the game's leading scorer?--Baron Davis
Question 2:  Who gets more rebounds, Biedrins or Trout+Webster combined?--Trout+Webster Combined
Question 3:  Which is greater, Blazers' attempted free throws or Warriors' made free throws?--Blazers attempted free throws
Question 4:  Who makes the first Blazer three-pointer of the second half?--James Jones


The number on the left is your score for this game. On the right is your cumulative score for the month.

DJ 0788    88    263
JC Burg    67    256
BustaBucket18    68    254
BrailleTaser    27    251
IDog1976    85    247
Lethaldose    63    237
Replacement LP    69    236
WebTed    47    229
BillyRayValentine    68    221
BlazerBrads1    77    219
RockingHarder    76    219
Switchie    96    219
Clonigro    52    218  T-Shirt Winner!
Lily    80    218
ChampFantana    76    213
2ForLarue    37    211
TSS Bro    76    210
Fatwansaboni    40    205
Dior Aranel    81    204
WALKING    73    202
Jcaris    30    195
AudieNorris    63    194
Mangodilla    39    194
DrawingJeremy    35    188
BlazerGabe    43    188
Campbell6862    73    187
CoreyDM    0    186
Madding    27    186
UseSoap    95    185
KobeStopper    25    182
BillyJoeJack    39    180
Einar    42    178
Blazerholic    72    177
Jcanipar    75    177
Sonfeld    40    177
Ratbastird    84    175
Jamon51    64    174
RipCity08    0    174
BgBlazer    0    172
JKSnake99    30    172
CarlosCan    71    171
Living    23    171
Fromagnon    14    170
Robrun2    60    169
DJ    33    163
Old School    14    163
Stumptown Chris    72    162
LoyBoys    26    162
Zaron5551    X    160
FishEyes    57    159
Myemic23    28    156
BRoy4MVP    X    156
BBallGenius    49    155
BlazerBandit    20    150
Pwack WOU    24    150
Esacxela    76    149
Noam16    59    149
RyRySlyRy    X    148
Gclipse    26    145
Jorga    37    144
Macnepdx    X    144
MPressive    77    142
TheBlazerPhilosopher    41    140
SupremePuntiff    24    137
T DarkStar    X    137
BlazersRock    X    135
BlueBooYay    25    135
PJ    10    135
TallTimber    X    134
BerryGraham    35    132
XarXar    61    130
Red22    X    129
Thorson    26    127
Belectica    47    123
BizanBandit    X    122
TomInHawaii    10    122
Vinny B    31    122
TheHeadBandwagon    69    119
PTownJake    42    115
DifferentDave    22    112
OutsideTheKnow    79    109
Dharmon    54    107
JPOregon    X    104
Mortimer    X    104
Shenanigans    21    104
SDotLee    42    102
Brett    27    97
SSA400    10    93
BlazerManiac32    20    92
Burk    32    92
Alex42083    X    90
Zenbowl    29    86
Oldbaum    X    85
ChuckNorris    X    77
JJudd43    X    73
Fizbin    10    70
GGassen85    X    65
OBF    60    60
DaveELk    X    56
Jaketron    24    55
SilkyBrown    X    55
Bucky Blazer    X    52
Krang    22    52
Jferg    X    52
AnthonyStine    X    50
Tfan    X    50
Deliverence    X    46
Kickbrass    X    46
HomerSolo    30    43
CosmoPlavix    X    42
Jason3123    30    40
PDXTrailblazers    0    40
CBASS    X    35
Bairdy    X    34
Dbuscho    34    34
Besaroboy    X    30
DrCoffee    X    28
2011Champs    X    24
Bradderup    X    20
GoGSW24    10    10

Rules Recap:

--Enter by copying the form into the comment section of the thread in which it was posted.  Fill out completely.

--Deadline for entry is the top of the hour (or the half hour on a :30 start) in which the game starts.  This is firm.

--One entry per person or household.

--Each month you must skip one scheduled prediction form (known as "Taking an X" for the mark you get.)  This allows more casual players to have a chance and also adds an element of strategy (which game you skip).


--You get 30 points for picking the winner correctly, based on your final score prediction.

--You get 10 points for each question.

--You get up to an additional 30 points for getting close on the score.  You lose one of those 30 points for each point you are off of each score.  (Example:  Final score is Blazers 100, Opponent 99.  You predicted Blazers 95, Opponent 97.  You are 5 points off the Blazer score and 2 off of the Opponent score.  5+2=7.  30-7-23.  You get 23 bonus points.)

--Total possible score for each game is 100.  (30 for winner + 40 for questions + 30 for score)  From time to time I may offer bonuses for certain games.  These are always published with the form.


--The person with the highest cumulative score at the end of the month wins a Blazer replica jersey of their choice.

--Anyone who gets a perfect score in any game (usually 100 points) wins a jersey on the spot.

--Getting a score of 52 wins you a free t-shirt.  These are limited to a certain number each month so they last the year.

Other Notes:

--Only one of each type of prize may be won per season by any given person.  (One t-shirt, One jersey.)

--All jersey winners plus some other distinguished contestants will be entered in a special playoff at the end of the year for a Grand Prize package.

--All contest communication happens via the e-mail you registered with at this site so keep yours active and check it!

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