Open Letter to David Stern (RE: Steve Javie)

It is now a few hours since the game ended and I've calmed down a lot.

But my conviction remains firm:  Steve Javie's personal vendetta against The Trailblazers must be addressed by David Stern.

I'm not blaming our loss to the Mavericks on anyone but the Blazers.  The Blazers turned the ball over, shot free throws like they would get second chances at them, and failed to shut down the Mavs in the closing minutes.

We lost the game because we didn't play well enough to win.

But Steve Javie, and perhaps his entire officiating crew, did everything in their power to disrupt the flow of this game and affect its outcome in Dallas' favor in the last few minutes.

This game has the stench of Tim Donaghy all over it.  Perhaps not as it relates to the manipulation of point spreads for the benefit of organized crime, but certainly as it relates to the phenomenon of corrupt officiating itself and its immeasurable impact on the outcome of games.

If anyone continues to deny Steve Javie's consistent bias against The Trailblazers, stretching at least as far back as the acquisition of Buck Williams, then that is their choice.

My eyes are wide open.

I am not accusing the man of incompetence.  He knows what he's doing when he carries out his personal agendas, and is actually a terrific referee when he is not swayed by emotion.  Nonetheless, his flagrant abuse of power must be countered with stiff resistance by all those who are sick and tired of it.  We are right on the heels of the Tim Donaghy scandal and NOW is the time to voice our displeasure with the status quo.

I am willing, in my free time, to compose an open letter or petition to David Stern regarding the inappropriate and unprofessional conduct of one Steve Javie.  I will demand, at minimum, a formal reprimand of said person to include a mandatory apology to the entire Trailblazers organization and its supporters for unconscionably prejudiced behavior by a seasoned and ranking referee.  It is of my opinion that more severe disciplinary measures may be necessary.

Laugh at this if you want.  If you're not with me, then please disregard the diary and move on.  I don't need critique or opinions on this subject unless they serve my ultimate goal:  a formal reprimand of Steve Javie.  Those who are with me are free to contribute to my petition in any way they can; I will appreciate your help.  

I will NOT sit helplessly while Steve Javie continues to rob my Blazers of a fair chance to win.  His bias on the court versus Buck Williams alone was so flagrant that he should have been disciplined long ago.  It is simply not acceptable to carry personal vendettas towards players or teams as a professional basketball referee.

I need backing, I need energy, and I need more evidence that confirms my "radical" viewpoint.

As stated previously, if you have evidence or energy to the contrary, then please just take the poll and post elsewhere or perhaps start your own diary on why Steve Javie has no consistent bias against The Trailblazers as a franchise.  

I'll be more than happy to take a gander, but I've got a letter to write.

Who's with me?

PS., I am fully aware that Ralph Nader wrote an open letter to David Stern after the atrociously officiated WCF between Sacramento and LA and received no response from the Commish.  I don't care what David Stern does.  I'm doing what I feel I should do, even if no one cares or agrees with me.

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