MUST READ! If you think things are bad...

Are things really that bad in PDX right now? Are we in need of perspective? Out of curiousity I started following some links. You should see these quotes from the main pages of  blogs and newspapers of other teams, teams that were expected to do much better than us...

From Golden State of Mind:
"The first week of the season is (finally!) over for the Warriors and I can't remember a time in the entire decade plus that I've been a Warriors junkie where I've seen them play such pitiful defense for three consecutive games (although I'm sure if I think hard enough I can remember, haha). Tonight the Warriors let the Jazz shoot 63% from the field and 75% from the field. It's like the Jazz were on fire in NBA Jam for 48 minutes. That's not supposed to happen in the NBA... ever. After 3 games the Warriors are surrendering a whopping 118.5 points per game- 118.5! Mike Fratello must be sitting back in the TNT offices just wishing he could coach against this Warriors D. Even his "offenses" could hit triple digits...Even when Stephen Jackson walks through that door this roster is still deeply flawed."

From the Miami Sun-Sentinel:
"An 0-5 start certainly is possible, with the Spurs and Suns up next. And one certainly couldn't dismiss 1-9, considering four of five are on the road after the first five...counting the final two games last season, the 0-4 playoff sweep at the hands of the Bulls, the 0-7 preseason, and now this 0-2 start, that's 15 consecutive losses for the Heat."

From Blog a Bull:
"What is there to say? They're playing bad...Three games is a poor indicator of anything, except knowing they won't be getting off to a fast start, which was a worthy goal for this season. Seeding is key, so losing games to bad teams will come back to hurt them. I'm not worried that this team has gotten worse than last year, I'm just disappointed that they haven't shown to be better. I was quite hopeful that'd be the case."

From Sactown Royalty:
"A Strong Cuppa Rat Poison...Like others have already said, no one expected to wake up to victory... and few expected any wins among the first three. But no one could've guessed it'd be this bad.

    * Average margin of loss: 17 points

    * Offensive rating: 98.2

    * Defensive rating: 116.6

This is epic in its terribleness. 0-3 -- whatever. Down 51 points after three games, with a horrid offense in total and a disastrous defense in total? Okay, one more slash with the sword:

    * Pythagorean expected record: 7-75

(Yes, I know this is overly dramatic -- the Kings have faced two elite teams and one good team. But this franchise has never been in such a dire basketball predicament. It's worth recording the futility in semi-permanent media.)"

From Bullets Forever:
" I'm changing the name of this blog to Fourth Quarter Collapse...I like the whole "air out your sky is falling comments" thing that we did yesterday.  Here's the place to do it again....For the first time since 1992, the Wizards have started off the season 0-3....Do you realize the Wizards had a stretch where they missed 22 three pointers?  The last two against Indiana, all sixteen against Boston, and the first four against Orlando.  Once Roger Mason finally broke the streak near the end of the first quarter, the Wizards got hot for a moment as they hit their next 3 from beyond the arc.  After that, more of the same as the Wizards only hit 2 of their final 15 shots from beyond the arc...In a very Joe Gibbs-like move, Eddie Jordan is reaching for the reset button.  According to Jordan is using the time between now and Thursday night's game as a "mini camp" to fix what's broken with the Wiz."

Wow. I think we're going to be okay.

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