Military evaluation Pt. 2

Continued force breakdown:

Jarrett Jack
Strength: Reserve veteran unit. A versatile player that is used to revive a stalled offensive, or to maintain the advance while the lead force rearms on the bench. He can advance into a hot combat zone and attack through the gaps, lob in fire from long range, or penetrate the lines and set up another player for a surgical strike.

Weakness: Although the unit possesses a lot of torque, allowing him to pass through hostile terrain, he lacks the horsepower to respond quickly on defense to enemy penetration. He also lacks sufficient communication channels to effectively direct the main line units as the command and control vehicle. There has been evidence of a glitch in the CPU that occurs due to combat stress with front line units, thus the move to reserve status. Although he's not front line material, he has the experience and versatility to play an important role as a leader among the reserves. It's possible that additional training and combat experience will increase his potential as a front line unit.

Raef LaFrentz
Strength: Currently sees duty as a training unit, honing the tactical skills of front line personnel. He once displayed the potential to be a solid armor unit, with the ability to rebound and block shots. He also possessed a unique targeting system that allowed him to fire from long range with accuracy. Although he has a proud combat history, he's seen new weapon systems overtake him in ability and utility. Despite his lack of combat time, he maintains his veteran professionalism, containing any animosity for the benefit of the team.

Weakness: His presence is the result of a pork barrel project that was undertaken to grease the wheels on acquiring Brandon Roy, and any combat benefit that can be garnered is inconsequential. CNN did a recent expose on the Celtic's gross financial blunder in developing that system without having a solid foundation to build upon. Since he sees combat only in emergencies, his only weakness is the place he occupies on the roster.

Joel Przybilla
Strength: Rugged and dependable main battle tank. His tough armor allows him to occupy hostile territory and absorb hits that would typically destroy lighter units. That ability allows him to control the backboard and puts him in a position to make short ranged shots when they present themselves. He has recently undergone a complete overhaul to his weapon system with special emphasis to his launcher and targeting controls. In addition, he's changed his training routine to focus on strength and speed. The results are dramatic compared to the previous season. His improved weapon system allows him to be an integral part of the offensive scheme rather than a hindrance. The training program has resulted in increased endurance under fire (fewer fouls), and greater mobility for air defense (shot blocking). Will become a key reserve and training unit once Greg 2.0 is deployed.

Weakness: Limited upgradeability. A veteran unit that has seen a lot of action, he's able to use his experience to compensate for his limitations. Possesses a chink in his armor in his mid-section that was exploited last season with debilitating effects. Although he's not obsolete, he realizes that he will be replaced by a newer system that needs to be field tested.

Travis Outlaw
Strength: Agile, mobile, and hostile. Able to cover long distances with amazing speed, and can elevate and hover above opposing defenses to get a shot off at will. He is the offensive focus of the reserve units, called upon to advance and provide cover fire while the main line units regroup. He has shown tactical genius at times, decimating opposing forces from all over the battlefield. Highly upgradeable. His incredible athletic ability can be combined with a more powerful CPU and experience database, increasing his utility both offensively and defensively.

Weakness: Consistency. Although he possesses the weapons to score individually whenever he desires, he requires additional training in team tactics that would allow him to decoy enemy defenders while a teammate cuts to the objective unopposed. He also needs to be more mobile when not in the vanguard. If he can break contact from his blocking force, he'd be the recipient of the unobstructed cut to the objective.

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