Military evaluation of the Blazers

Force Breakdown:

Greg Oden
Strength: A defensive force field. Whether a ground attack or mortar bombardment, he has the ability to deflect close-in shots, negating an opponent's offense and opening the door to a lightning counter-attack before the enemy can stabilize their defensive lines. Highly mobile with excellent recovery speed, he comes fully loaded with a fan friendly personality and strong work ethic.

Weakness: Although test trials inspired optimism, minor hardware issues required a component refurbishment pushing back the roll-out date by one year. The release of Greg 2.0 will be the most anticipated defensive deployment in history. It is expected to take at least two years to network the peripheral units into the missile defense plan, but once that is accomplished the overall performance of the team is expected to improve geometrically.

Note: Terrorist sabotage is suspected in the hardware problem. The suspected cell was smuggled in using a couch disguise. It is believed that the terrorists were Red Lectroids from the 8th dimension, and a recent banishment ceremony was performed to cast them back to their dimension. Contact Dave or Buckaroo Banzai for more details.

Brandon Roy
Strength: Excellent field commander. Although only in his second tour of duty, he has displayed veteran leadership in tense combat situations. His work in Sniper School is already paying dividends with repeated long range scores in a recent game against the Mavericks. He excels at recon missions, going behind enemy lines and calling for artillery fire from the perimeter by passing out to Martel Webster, or performing a raid on his own if the opportunity presents itself.

Weakness: Even the great warrior Achilles had a weakness, and in Roy's case it is the same. Due to his high level of competence he is called upon to carry out numerous missions running the risk of aggravating his old war wound in his heel or suffering a new injury. Until the other members of the unit advance in their training, Roy's greatest weakness will be his indispensability.

LaMarcus Aldridge
Strength: Unbeatable desire to excel. He has the ability to traverse a variety of environments and adapt to the needs of the moment. If a vanguard force is needed to challenge the enemy line, he's able to use his speed and positioning to attack bigger and slower opponents. If he faces a more mobile defender, he is able to win through better execution. He comes with a solid range of base options, but has been designed to accept upgrades on a yearly basis. The most recent upgrade to his capabilities has been increased range on his indirect fire to the three point line. Although typically the domain of lighter units or artillery, adding that capability has made him a more versatile threat with a larger area of influence. It requires opposing forces to defend further away from their base or risk being destroyed by long range fire. If the defender is lured out of position, Aldridge has the speed to attack on his own or he can call in a raid through the gap.

Weakness: No dramatic weakness is apparent in this upgraded version, although additional upgrades in the area of rebounding would be welcome on future models.

Martel Webster
Strengths: Webster's ability as a long range artillery commander is growing by the day. He has worked on correcting software issues in his CPU during the offseason. He has also been performing better maintenance and training on his chassis, and has gone to a high octane fuel source that seems to have enhanced his handling and overall performance. He appears to have upgraded the annoying software system that refused to upload new data with a new wireless communication and GPS system linking him with other teammates to ensure he is where he needs to be so incidents of friendly fire are avoided. In addition to his long range ability, he has shown great improvement in his ability to defend against enemy penetrations and in the ability to accelerate the offensive tempo with key rebounds. Should this progress continue, he will become a crucial element in the Greg 2.0 era next year.

Weakness: Despite his recent improvements which are dramatic, it wasn't long ago that he was deemed a pipe-dream. His performance this season has been exemplary, but he needs to prove that he can continue to operate at this higher level for an extended deployment. How he responds when the opposition specifically prepares for him in their ops plan will be the true test of his ability.

Additional unit member evaluations are available upon request.

Sometimes I've just got too much time in my day.

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