View from the Garden

Ya, das is ze big vin, ya!!!

Wow, first game I have seen in the Garden of Oden this year and it did not disappoint.  After watching last night's thrilla against Memphis on T.V., I had some pre-conceived notions about what was going to happen tonight.  I pretty much figured the Blazers were going either 1) come out firing and fade down the stretch, or 2)come out flat and have to fight back into the game.  Number 2 was apparently the answer; except the hole wasn't that big and the fight wasn't that hard.  When you add the second half of the Memphis game, this might be the best six quarters of Blazers basketball recently.  Now for some player breakdowns.

LMA-You look at the stats and you see what Lamarcus put up and it seems unimpressive.  But that isn't the case, the guy abused whoever tried to guard him and showed his versatility.  No one on Dallas could guard him straight up if he wanted to go to the basket, and if they sagged he would just shoot right over the top.  He isn't quit at the level where he can run the full court press in the NBA yet though, the team tried it once and got burned.

BROY-So yeah, I don't think that heals a problem right now.  Seriously, the PA announcer mentioned the heel during the ROY award ceremony, and I wanted to puke.  Can we leave the heal to rest, please?  Then Roy won, he didn't put on a show or out-anything anyone, but he just won.  Roy might be the most athletic player on the court, because he has the best body control.  Its amazing to watch him manipulate speed to get himself open, his move to the basket is faster, his hesitation is slower, its simply amazing.

Webster-Who would ever think two fouls in the first quarter would be a thing of concern?  I like to see his aggression at the offensive end, and he played good defense.  Not going to be able to win consistently with him leaving the floor early though.  No stupid fouls.

Blake-Didn't notice him good or bad, and that s a good.  He wanted to throw the lob on the break constantly, and it wasn't hooking up.  I think we had at least two turnovers on errant lobs, but they were well placed and if they work the crowd would have gone nuts.  

Sergio-For one this guy looks like a vagrant.  Tell KP to buy him a razor, and write it off as "culture."  He looked good tonight, with a few bad passes and defensive breakdowns.  It seems like Nate bringing him along slowly is going to work.

JJ-Bench combo guard for life.  The guy is great coming off the bench and looking to contribute.  He is the new Trout.  You want to be frustrated because he is going to the hoop all the  time and taking seemingly bad shots, but they go in.  Missed free throws are ridiculous though, can't do that.

Trout-Didn't seem to be hitting the outside shot early, but he worked hard and contributed.  It seems as though he is more comfortable handling the ball then in the past, and he can contribute without scoring.

Pryzbilla-Still a little bit silent on offense, but he is the defensive presence in the middle.  His defense is huge on this team.  

Frye-Works well on the first unit, and hits that key area jumper with touch.  I really like what he is doing on the first team

Nate-I think Nate really deserves some kudos right now.  The new lineups are working, and the rotations (especially the 3 Point Guard lineups) are really nice.  Early it didn't really seem as though he had the team figured out, but that is changing and I hope he keeps it up.      

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