Game Recap: Blazers 125, Nuggets 133

There won't really be a team recap because, well, this wasn't really our team.  The only thing I'll say is if you allow the opponent to shoot 60%, get 35 free throws, score 30 points off of turnovers, and amass 36 assists on 46 shots (the most incredible stat of all)...maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but you're going to lose.  This didn't speak very well for our team defense.  Whoever guarded Iverson got torched, which is to be expected.  Whoever guarded Linas Kleiza got torched worse, which is going to get them suicide drills in practice.

Individual Notes:

--WAAAA!  10 of 13 shooting for Travis Outlaw and 6 assists???  What the heck happened?  That's a scary stat line.  6 assists?  Really?!?

--Lamarcus played 17 minutes, which was 17 minutes too long.  Glad he didn't get hurt.

--Channing Frye got more minutes (34) and thus more points (17).  5 rebounds too.  4 turnovers and 5 fouls though.   Somebody who was there will have to tell us how he looked.

--WAAAA!  7-10 shooting for Martell and 7 rebounds?!?  WAAAA!

--The demise of Raef LaFrentz may have been overstated, as he also got 7 rebounds and 8 points in 20 minutes.

--James Jones saw some action.  He didn't shoot well (2-7) but he got 3 boards and 3 assists in 21 minutes.  Not horrible for a guy who's been off a while.

--Steve Blake had 6 assists, 8 points, and only 1 turnover in 20 minutes.  Sounds like a good effort.

--Jarrett Jack shot 5-10, got 13 points, 5 assists, and 2 steals in 23 minutes.  That makes 21 points, 11 assists, 5 boards, and 2 steals from our point guard tandem in 43 minutes.  I think we'd take that most nights.

--WAAAA!  Sergio shot 5-11 and got 16 points?!?  Plus he also had 4 assists in 21 minutes.  And he was 3-5 from distance and drew 3 free throws to boot.  16 points?  In 21 minutes? WAAAA!

--Taurean Green only got 13 minutes, which would seem to indicate if he did take the #3 point guard slot from Sergio it's been given back.  He had 8 points and 2 assists.  Really how it's going to go is Nate is going to situation substitute with Green and Sergio.  If he needs an offensive spark or tempo he'll call Serg.  If he just needs somebody to hold the fort it'll be Green.  

OK...enough of that!  On to the regular season!  ANOTHER SEASON BEGINS!!!

--Dave (

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