December Jersey Contest: Game 3 Results

Friday night was another jersey contest game.  There were relatively few people who guess the Blazers would beat the Clippers and even fewer who tabbed Travis Outlaw as the non-Zach leading scorer, so movement was slight in most cases.  However those who moved tended to move, making the proceedings interesting.  With two games left and possible scores of 100 points possible for each game nobody is out of it yet!  Witness MajorTheo, who got the big goose egg in his first prediction but now sits within one point of the lead.

The game results were:

Blazers 109  Clippers 99
Scorer:  Travis Outlaw
Z-Bo Rebs:  7
JJ Asts:  5
Web's Pts: 11

A recap of the scoring system:
Give yourself 30 points if you picked Portland to win.
Give yourself 20 points if you picked Travis to be the leading (non-Zach) scorer.
You can get up to 50 bonus points using the following formula:

Figure the difference between your guesses and...
--The Blazer point total
--The L.A. point total
--Zach's rebounds (multiply difference by 2)
--Jarrett's assists (multiply difference by 2)
--Martell's points

Add up those differences and subtract that number from 50.  That's your bonus point total.

If you think I made a mistake or want to see exactly how I figured your score, just e-mail me.

Here's the current scoreboard.  Players are listed by total points.  The number following the name is the point score for Game 3.

144 points
Ratbastird  (29)

143 points
MajorTheo (67)

131 points
Dr Dave  (21)  

109 points
Bretski (12)

105 points
JPop (31)

102 points
Einsteinthinker(503 Maintain) (44)

101 points
Saregister (45)

93 points
GimmIme (13)

89 points
Bairdy (28)

88 points
Toast (27)

85 points
Wolfman97080 (4)

83 points
Zenbowl (33)

81 points
JC Burg (59)

80 points
Gavin (17)

77 points
Jim E (15)

76 points
DevynLindquist (12)
Wilbjammin (12)

67 points
BlazerBandit (21)

59 points
Jksnake99 (20)

57 points
TwoDeep (15)

55 points
Junit3123 (18)

54 points
Belectica (21)

51 points
Mortimer (2)

48 points
Shiftyeyesdogg (15)
Rocking Harder (14)

44 points
OutsideTheKnow (26)

42 points
Dougall5505 (12)

41 points
McMillion (6)

37 points
Drooo (13)
MattD (17)

36 points
Divad 130 (18)

35 points
Luckyride (10)

33 points
Bustabucket (11)

Game 4 is against Toronto next week!

--Dave (

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